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How to Find Your Refrigerator Water Filter's Location?

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How to Find Your Refrigerator Water Filter's Location?

Your fridge water filter is something that many individuals do not consider. Your refrigerator could not also give water, only ice, however, the filter does require periodically to be changed. Modern fridges have a helpful light that will notify you when the water filter’s time is up, and we all find when the little black flecks appear in the ice and water. However, changing your refrigerator’s water filter includes one final challenge: Locating the filter location. Refrigerators tend to tuck the water filter somewhere accessible but out of the way. Most often, your fridge’s water filter is in the upper right-hand corner of the fridge compartment, near the back. 

Wherever that might be on your model of fridge. And if it’s not there, it might be behind the grille on the floor, often on the left-hand side. Unfortunately, every fridge model is different and each door style of the fridge has a different set of standard locations. This article will break down each fridge style and the best places to look for the water filter. If you have a refrigerator with a water dispenser, you can be pretty sure it has a filter built-in. 

You probably know you should replace the filter at some point, but like many people, you may wonder why you should bother replacing it, how often you should replace it and how to remove the filter. There's no reason to put off replacing a water filter when the process is so simple.

What the Water Filter Looks Like

Water filters are almost universally long cylinders with rounded bottoms and a smaller capped top. Your fridge will use a specific brand and model of water filter, with available off-brand options. You can look up the model online or you can simply find the old water filter and buy an identical replacement.

When searching for the water filter location, look for housing and a cylindrical slot. In the fridge compartment, it is oblong or corner-based housing. Behind the grille, it is a circular space with an old water filter slotted inside.

Water Filter Locations by Refrigerator Type

Look for your water filter based on the shape of your fridge. The location and size of your fridge compartments will determine where the water filter might be. Check out your fridge shape from the list and we’ll point you to the best places to look for the water filter. Here are all the places in a collected list:

Look for your water filter based on the shape of your fridge. The location and size of your fridge compartments will determine where the water filter might be. Check out your fridge shape from the list and we’ll point you to the best places to look for the water filter. Here are all the places in a collected list:

Top Right: upper right corner of the refrigerator compartment

Top Left: upper left corner of the refrigerator compartment

Left Lower Grille: behind the kick-grill under the fridge, on the left-hand side

Bottom Center: in the center bottom of the fridge compartment between the drawers

Top-Freezer Refrigerator

Filter Location: Top Right or Left Lower Grille

The top freezer is the traditional fridge shape. It has a large single-door fridge compartment with a smaller freezer on top. It has two doors.

Open the fridge compartment door and look to the top right corner. If you see housing there, look for a tab or clamp to get it open. Inside should be the water filter. Most water filters remove with a push-and-twist or the press of a button. If there is no housing in the top-right corner, remove the kick-grille underneath the fridge compartment. Inside you should see a circular space and a water filter. Remove the old water filter and insert the new one. Make sure it clicks in.

Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

Filter Location: Top Right, Top Left, or Left Lower Grille

The bottom-freezer fridge is a common variant of the standard model. The freezer opens like a drawer with basket racks for safer frozen stacking. It has two doors.

Open the upper fridge compartment and check the upper-right-hand corner. If there is a plastic compartment there, open it and find the water filter inside. Replace that filter with the exact match or an accepted equivalent.

Next, check the grille underneath the freezer compartment. It should come loose easily. Behind the grille will be fridge components, including a round slot for the water filter. Replace the water filter that you find.

Water Filter Location in French 3-Door Refrigerator

Filter Location: Bottom Center, Top Right, or Top Left

The French 3-Door fridge has a bottom freezer compartment and an upper fridge that opens from two doors at the center. They are sometimes wider than 2-door fridges. Open both the fridge compartment doors, then look down into the center, near the bottom of the compartment. Between the produce drawers, you will see a round handle which is the old water filter. Twist and pull the old water filter out and replace it with a duplicate.

If there is no center water filter, look to the upper-right corner of the fridge compartment. You may see housing there slightly larger than a water filter in or near the corner. Find a way to open the housing with a tab or clamp and replace the water filter inside.

The filter might alternately be in the top-left corner of the fridge compartment. Check for housing and replace the water filter if you find it to the left.

Side-by-Side French Door Refrigerator

Filter Location: Top Right or Left Lower Grille

Side-by-Side fridges are all-vertical. They usually have the freezer in the left vertical-half and the fridge in the right vertical-half. Often, these compartments are close to the same size or identical.

This type of fridge adheres to the two standard places to build a water filter. Start by looking in the upper-right corner for housing that could hold a water filter cylinder. If you find housing, find the release catch and then exchange the water filter inside.

If it’s not in the fridge compartment, the filter is likely in your lower grille. Take off the kick-guard grill and find the round compartment where the water filter resides. Push and twist to release the water filter and make sure the new one clicks in.

Under-Counter Refrigerator

Filter Location: Left Lower Grille

Finally, there are short fridges that go under the counter. These don’t have enough fridge-compartment space for an internal water filter, so it’s almost always under the grill near the floor. Pry off the grill and look for the water-filter-shaped space in the components beneath. Replace with a matching water filter and close the grill behind you.

Once you find your water filter, you’ll need to replace it with an identical or very similar one. Then press the water filter light’s button to reset it for the next water filter alert. Contact us today for more clues on how to maintain and repair your appliances。

When to Replace Your Filter

Refrigerator water filters should be replaced every six months, when the filter notification light turns on or when the water starts to taste or smell noticeably different. The change in smell and odor occurs because the filter is full of contaminants and can no longer work effectively, leaving you with water that's essentially the same as tap water. Neglecting to change your filter for too long will not only leave you with inferior tasting water, but the mineral deposits from the unfiltered water could even damage your refrigerator's water system.

In some areas, the water filter may be exhausted in far less time than six months; however, it may work much longer than six months in locations with notably clean tap water. Even so, six months is an easy-to-remember time frame for changing the filter, especially since you might not notice a change in the water's taste if it occurs gradually over six months or more.

Finding Your Water Filter

Most water filters are located in the grille at the bottom of the refrigerator or the back, upper-right corner of the inside of the refrigerator. Some models, usually older ones, have the filter on the outside in the back of the refrigerator on the water supply line. The best way to find your filter is to look at the inside corner of your refrigerator and the grille at the bottom. The filter will look like a round tube, about 3 to 4 inches wide. If you don't see the filter in one of these two areas, you might want to check your owner's manual or look up the model number online to find out the exact location before pulling the unit away from the wall to look at the back of the refrigerator.

Replacing the Water Filter

If the removal process for your specific water filter doesn't seem immediately obvious, you may want to consult your user manual or look your model number up online to find out how to remove the filter. That being said, there are three general removal methods for taking out a water filter : push in, twist in, and inline: Push-in filters can be removed by pushing the "eject" button or twisting off the filter cap. To install the new filter, line up the arrows, snap it into place by turning the filter clockwise, and then push it in until the eject button pops.

Twist-in filters can be replaced by twisting the old cartridge out, removing the cap, putting the cap on the new filter, and twisting the new unit in.

Inline filters are those found on the back of the refrigerator, hooked up to the incoming water supply line. Some units will be easy to remove and simply twist out like the twist-in filters, while others are more difficult to replace as they require cutting a portion of the tubing. As a result, you may want to work with a professional to replace these filters.

Whatever sort of filter you have, it's a great suggestion to list the make as well version number from your old filter before throwing it away so you can obtain the right replacement if you haven't already bought a new one.

 After changing the filter, remember to run a gallon of water through the unit to clear carbon residue from the filter. When that's done, your filter is prepared to go.


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