Why You Should Use Water Filters?

Why You Should Use Water Filters?

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Food is important and all, but water takes some serious precedence. Surely, we don’t have to explain why staying hydrated is vital to overall health.

The purification process removes toxins, bacteria, pesticides and even bad flavor from water. In fact, there are around 2,100 unique toxins that are often found in dirty tap water – that’s a huge number!

Even common culprits like chlorine and lead have no place in our bodies, so eliminating our intake of these elements as much as possible can be beneficial to our health, especially long-term.

Depending on the area you live in, purification is more or less important. Big cities and environments with excessive pollution take precedence.

You can choose to use a filter for your tap or a filtered pitcher as an alternative to purchasing plastic bottles of water. Clean water is a basic human need, so ensuring quality (when possible) should be taken seriously.

1. You can reduce your risk of disease

The problem with the overwhelming amount of chemicals and toxins sneaking into our unfiltered tap water is that the research on many of them is inconclusive.

Therefore, we don’t necessarily know what the long-term consequences of consumption are. We do know a few things, though: chlorine and ammonia are well-known carcinogens, so reducing consumption can significantly reduce the risk of cancer.

And to think, these chemicals are what we use to disinfect the water we drink, shower with, brush our teeth with and cook with!

Many chemicals found in water are not regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency, so there’s a lot of mystery to be had in unfiltered water. Save yourself the suspense and invest in a filter to reduce your risk of cancer and other diseases.

2. Bottled water is bad

We’re not just talking about drinking filtered water today; we are talking about doing it yourself. In developed countries, it’s fairly easy to source clean water. You can walk into just about any store and choose from many varieties of water from many different companies.

Let’s get real, here, though: doesn’t something seem wrong with that? Three liters of water are required to create one liter of water – where is the rest going?

Water doesn’t need to be subsidized to be clean. The main issue is the waste that comes along with consumption of water in plastic bottles.

Foregoing the convenience means you can easily reduce your carbon footprint and contribute less to excessive waste. Two thirds of water bottles end up in the ocean or a landfill; become a part of the solution!

3. You can save big bucks

If you’re accustomed to footing the bill for filtered water, you might realize how much it adds up over time. If you’re purchasing water for the whole family and you’re staying well hydrated with 7-8 glasses of water per day, the financial drain can get pretty hefty.

Filtering your own water at home can save hundreds of dollars per year. What’s your excuse?

Moreover, drinking filtered water to prevent disease and optimize health is a great way to reduce future medical costs.

While the concept of filtered water is rather simple, it’s actually a huge investment.

4. Less toxins = more detox

The act of detoxification isn’t as mystical as it sounds. Simply put, your body is always detoxing. The kidneys and the liver are vital organs because they flush out the bad we take in.

Obviously, the best thing we can do for our body’s natural detoxification process is to take in less toxins in the first place. By filtering water, we can easily take away some of the brunt.

Water in and of itself is vital to organ health and our body’s detox abilities. To hinder its natural process by drinking dirty water is doing ourselves a massive disservice.

Forget the expensive juice cleanse; just buy a water filter instead. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


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